[Review] The Mighty Ra – All Secrets Known

The Mighty Ra is a Progressive Rock project from Wales, the land of dragons and castles, which includes musicians from other backgrounds in important bands of the Prog scene. The debut album “All Secrets Known” was released on June 1, 2022 via White Knight Records and contains 8 long-running ancient aliens themed tracks. The album opens with the title track “All Secrets Known” with an intro with a warm spoken voice that introduces us to the theme of the album’s lyrics. A hypnotic synth that is intertwined with the lead guitar and the song develops with a fine guitar and piano arpeggio and a warm and expressive singing. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, enriching itself with tempo changes and plots of refined and excellent quality Symphonic Prog. A track that immediately plunges into the atmosphere of the disc, showing both the compositional and executive techniques of the artists involved. In the second part, sung parts and instrumental sections alternate with the guitar in evidence. An intertwining of guitar and keyboards opens “Nothing Comes Too Easy” with a solid rhythmic session characterized by elaborate and supporting bass lines. The keyboards drive the melodies and the sound is more energetic and Rock than the previous one, maintaining a more melodic Prog character with an engaging choral vocal. in the second part an intense instrumental section with Neo Prog characters is developed with valuable duets between guitar and keyboards while the bass continues with its virtuous lines. “Freedom” features a cinematic intro reminiscent of Western movies with the addition of pompous orchestral keyboards and marching drumming. The theme is then developed in a Progressive key with a dynamic vocal and a granite sound and enriched by tempo changes and ideas in pure Progressive style with harder strokes. In the instrumental section guitar and keyboards they offer solo and duet inserts that take us back to the 70s with a modern and personal touch. A crescendo intro opens “Will We Ever Know” with a hypnotic keyboard sound on which good guitar works and another excellent vocal proof. By alternating more symphonic openings with more elaborate passages, the track again manages to bring the purest sounds of the prog into a current context with a marked personal style. Sung parts almost Psychedelic and instrumental with darker features characterize the second part, evolving the central theme of the song and enhancing the band’s technique. Magnificent mixes of guitar and keyboard characterize “Seven Days” with the bass offering virtuous lines and solid and driving drumming. An intense track that combines symphonic traits with heavier passages while maintaining quality and intensity always very high, with tempo changes and refined solo parts. The vocal is an added value by interpreting the lyrics with passion, while the sound captures the listener’s attention leading him to explore the Prog territories that the band wisely proposes. “Rising Tide” is a softer track, a mix between the Prog and the song, creating pleasant and engaging atmospheres with acoustic guitar and keyboards. The vocal is more delicate, and in the first part a Prog ballad is developed which evolves in the second part by elaborating the structure and proposing an intense choral instrumental section. The canatato returns and the song closes, leaving us with good feelings. the shorter track on the album “Rain” is a blend of melodic traits and the more Rock facet of the band, with a linear and flowing structure. A good guitar solo in the second part and the song flows accessible with a solid sound anyway. The album ends with the epic “Bigger Lie” which exceeds 12 minutes in duration. The lyrics are very intense and central to the theme of the project, discussing religions and conspiracy theories, iterpeted with pathos. A track that contains all the influences and facets of the band’s sound with rich instrumental textures. A track of Floydian inspiration, and with a valuable guitar work, it exploits the long duration to enhance the technique of all the musicians of the band, an emotional piece to be listened to over and over again. The experience of these musicians is put at the service of the band to create a Prog album that explores the symphonic and melodic sounds with some more Heavy features, also passing through the most classic Rock. The 70s inspiration mixes with the personal traits of the band, which offers a fresh and modern album but above all intense and high quality from start to finish. A listening recommended to all lovers of refined Neo Prog sounds with long tracks, highlighting the band’s technology and experience, one of the best albums of 2022.



01. All Secrets Known (09:18)
02. Nothing Comes Too Easy (06:02)
03. Freedom (07:52)
04. Will We Ever Know (08:29)
05. Seven Days (06:49)
06. Rising Tide (06:39)
07. Rain (04:21)
08. Bigger Lie (12:30)


Andy Edwards / Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Percussion
Dave Rowe / Bass, Vocals
Rob Griffiths / Drums, Percussion
Rob Wilsher / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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