[Review] The Murlocs – Bittersweet Demons

The Murlocs is an Australian band formed in early 2011 by Ambrose Kenny-Smith and guitarist Cook Craig also play in King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard. The Garage style of the band is enriched by different influences that make the sound of the band personal, combining the past of the genre and projecting it into the future. The band’s latest album “Bittersweet Demons” was released on June 25, 2021 via ATO Records containing 11 tracks showcasing the band’s good ideas. The album is a pleasant journey within the band’s vast sonic range, with clear references to the music of the past but with a modern and personal touch. We move from more Psychedelic tracks in the style of the 70s to others more in the form of a Rock song, where each track differs from the other offering a very interesting and enjoyable disc from start to finish. It begins with a cheerful but melancholy at the same time dedication to Kenny-Smith‘s mother. The album continues with a series of tracks that seem to come out of the best songs of the 70s with a Bluesy touch as in the best tradition of the traces of the golden years of the genre. The band offers such a wide range of influences and styles that each track can be heard with pleasure, making this album even different from the previous ones. All the different ideas that make up the disc are well distributed and intertwined beautifully creating a retro sound revisited by the band in a modern way. All instruments have their proper space and all five members of the band express their individual technique at the service of the overall sound of the record. An album that alternates more Rock moments, others more Garage, very interesting the sound evolution that the band has had in these 5 albums, bringing it to a maturation that makes the sound original and personal. A listening listening to all lovers of retro Rock sounds revisited in a modern and personal way, where King Gizzard lovers will be able to find another facet of the other artists involved. It will be interesting to listen to these tracks proposed live, also knowing the great stage presence of the band.


01. Francesca 02:42
02. Dangerous Nature 03:26
03. Bittersweet Demons 03:37
04. Eating At You 03:23
05. Illuminate The Shade 03:53
06. No Self Control 04:00
07. Skyrocket 04:35
08. Skewiff 04:30
09. Limerence 03:26
10. Blue Eyed Runner 04:01
11. Misinterpreted 04:59


Ambrose Kenny-Smith / Vocals and Harmonica
Cal Shortal / Guitar
Cook Craig / Bass
Tim Karmouche / Keyboards
Matt Blach / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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