[Review] Veliki Odmor – Anubis EP

Veliki Odmor is a Progressive Metal project based in Novi Sad in Serbia, which released their debut album in 2018. The new EP titled “Anubis” was released on April 14, 2022 and contains 3 medium length tracks. The opening track “Uriel” begins with a guitar arpeggio and an intertwining of choral voices, and then develops with granite guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session. The voices continue to intertwine with a predominantly aggressive singing, while the structure of the piece evolves with tempo changes and the guitar is the protagonist. in the central part it accelerates and features more traditional Metal features, while in the final the guitar offers an interesting solo inspiration with virtuous features. “Murmur” is the shortest track of the EP, characterized by heavy guitar riffs and a solid and energetic rhythmic session, while the vocal alternates between soloists and choral inserts. We are halfway between guitar-driven prog metal and old school metal, creating a good blend with well-constructed riffs. in the second part the track becomes more elaborate with a good and original instrumental section with a lead guitar insert. The listening ends with the title track “Anubis” which is also the longest running track, with heavy guitar riffs and a dark atmosphere. The oriental-like atmospheres permeate the piece, which also offers a dynamic and expressive vocal, while the sound is granite and enriched by tempo changes. Alternating heavier passages with other more melodic and atmospheric ones, it is a good meeting point between traditional Metal and Prog Metal with the guitar at the center of the scene. An EP with solid sounds, which mixes the Prog Metal gfuidato from the guitar with the Old School sounds of the more traditional Metal. The singing in their mother tongue offers a dynamic and expressive test by alternating aggressive vowels with choral parts and other cleaner ones. Overall some ideas are interesting and well developed, there are the bases to listen to other good works in the future, a listening recommended for lovers of classic Metal with Prog hints.


01. Uriel 04:49
02. Murmur 03:51
03. Anubis 05:12


Dalibor Gajinov / Lead Guitar
Zlatko Ljubović / Rhythm Guitar
Mladen Demirović / Bass
Slobodan Bjelan / Drums
Goran Engert / Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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