[News] Akelei published the official video for the title-track “Een Van Ons” from new EP

Dutch Atmospheric Doomster Akelei published the official video for the title-track “Een Van Ons” taken from new EP out on December 12, 2021. Stream the single through the YouTube player below:

In 2010, Akelei debuted with a full-length that garnered praise both in the band’s native Netherlands and abroad. It has been eleven years since and the band is back with a new EP titled “Een Van Ons.” The three tracks on this record present a familiar side of Akelei and introduce new elements as well. The title song features a rich arrangement with grand piano, violin and viola, as well as the striking voice of Lisette van den Berg (lead vocalist for Scarlet Stories). The other two songs are joined together by way of ambient interlude and share some melodic themes. Recurring melodies, vocal experimentation and ambient sound textures have been at the heart of the writing and recording process.

The main lyrical theme this time is connectedness. Each song takes a different approach to the concept. The title song discusses the individual and his place in the world and history. Nabij deals with the absence of loved ones and learning to cope with the loss. And lastly, Hierna (van binnenuit) shows us that by knowing one, we carry them within us. The inspiration for these subjects can be found in personal experiences with loss (the EP is dedicated to the living memory of those we’ve loved and lost) and in the writings of astronomer Carl Sagan and novels like Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated.

Purchase the EP on Bandcamp: https://akelei.bandcamp.com/album/een-van-ons


1. Een van ons (10:06)
2. Nabij (15:45)
3. Hierna (van binnenuit) (11:32)


Aline Kuiper / Grand Piano (1), Vocals (1, 3)
Harm Wiegers / Bass
Josha Nuis / Drums
Julia Termeer / Violin (1)
Lisette van den Berg / Vocals (1)
Matthijs van Wageningen / Guitars & Ambience (2, 3)
Misha Nuis / Vocals & Guitars
Ronja Ihle / Viola (1)
Ørnulf Sigernes / Backing Vocals (1)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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