[News] Blues Pills release the official video for “Proud Woman”

Blues Pills announce the release of their third studio record, to be entitled “Holy Moly!” It will land in stores on June 19th, 2020 through Nuclear Blast Records. To taste a first piece of the upcoming offering, Blues Pills premiere the first single, called “Proud Woman“.

The band describe their intentions with the song: “With “Proud Woman” we wanna give the fierce women and grrrls of the world a power anthem to turn on whenever they wanna feel empowered. Or just have fun. A song to everyone who stands behind the most obvious things of all. Equality and unity. Whoever you are, wherever you come from. Women will always be a driving force of change. And a change is gonna come.

In regards to the lyrics of “Proud Woman” vocalist Elin Larsson says: “I’m a proud woman came out from my inner self and the first thing I thought was: someone must have written this before. And if not, why? Hey! It’s about damn time then! To be a woman or non-binary in the music industry seems to be more about the gender then the music sometimes. As a woman you’re being belittled, threatened, scrutinized, made fun of, targeted and harassed in a way that the men in the industry isn’t. And even so there is so many women in the industry who made and are making their mark just as mighty as the men, and they do that despite all of the hardships they get for simply being a woman and that makes their triumphs even greater.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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