[News] Lid Greyhound unveils the second single “I Preferred The Foam” from upcoming debut album

One month before the release of their first album, Lid Greyhound unveils their new single! After the bewitching and Psychedelic “Learnt To Drive,” the Lo-Fi Rock duo gives way to facetiousness and mystery on “I Preferred The Foam.” A long piece during which Erlé Crouseilles and Ely Rannou alternate jerky grooves and rough Blues-Rock passages, wrapped in the roots sound that makes the band special. Enough to arouse the curiosity of fans of Black Box Revelation or The Black Keys, before the release of “The Foam” on May 26, 2023.

Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

This second single comes out with a short film clip featuring the convoluted quest of a character played by Ely himself, in the cold of Rennes’ nights. The band says:

It’s a track that sets up a heady and bewitching atmosphere. It reflects the altered nocturnal wanderings of this character, who can no longer get out and communicate. He faces paranoia, the supernatural, almost voodoo, which frightens him into isolation and self-sabotage. This is the intention of the clip, which follows this outsider running away from something he doesn’t understand and can’t control. The scum can then be interpreted as something natural, malleable, which we think we can accumulate and shape as we wish, but which always dissipates and returns in another form.

Pre-Order the album on Bandcamp: https://lidgreyhound.bandcamp.com/album/the-foam


01. Intro
02. Learnt To Drive
03. I Preferred The Foam
04. King’s Head
05. For The Crown
06. Some Old Show
07. Learnt To Compromise
08. Recatorz
09. Devoid Of Meaning


Erlé Crouseilles / Vocals and Guitar
Ely Rannou / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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