[News] Steven Wilson publish the official audio for “Anyone But Me” from new album

From the Official Steven Wilson Website:

Anyone But Me” was a casualty of COVID-19. It was originally the closing song on The Future Bites, the album was even mastered and cut with it in place, but the delay in releasing the album gave me the chance to re-evaluate and I decided to replace it with the more laid back and atmospheric Count Of Unease. I still love this song though. Lyrically it’s about how it’s now possible to present to the world a version of yourself via social media that may have no bearing on reality – photos of yourself in places you’ve never been, hanging out with friends you’ve never met. It’s becoming more important to create the illusion of a desirable life on social media than it is to actually live it.

The Future Bites
1. Unself
2. Self
3. King Ghost
4. 12 Things I Forgot
5. Eminent Sleaze
6. Personal Shopper
7. Man Of The People
8. Follower
9. Anyone But Me

Steven Wilson / Synthesisers, Piano, Hammond Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Vocals
David Kosten / Programming
Fyfe Dangerfield / Vocals
Michael Spearman / Drums
String arrangement by SW, performed by the London Session Orchestra conducted by Guy Protheroe

Order here: https://store.thefuturebites.com/

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