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Modder is a new Belgian band entering the Doom/Sludge landscape with their self-titled debut album released on December 3, 2021 via Consouling Sounds and Lay Bare Recordings. Consisting of 4 long tracks for over 30 minutes of riff-driven instrumental music, solid rhythm sessions and pure power. The band offers a refined and mature sound, in line with the most famous releases of the genre. The album opens with the longer track “Mount Frequency,” at over 9 minutes in length, which begins with electronic effects and soon develops into massive guitar riffs. The rhythm is slow and powerful, the bass deep and penetrating and the guitar inserts guide the sound with incisive and biting cues. The atmospheres are dark in Doom style, a real concentrate of power that immediately plunges us into the atmosphere of the disc, with a high level sound quality. Good intertwining between the guitar and the effects, as well as the solid rhythmic session that binds well with the electronic component, a good well structured and executed opener. “Wax Rituals” begins with granite effects and riffs, a powerful bass and a pachydermic rhythmic session that slowly beats time. An added value are the tempo changes with accelerations that increase the intensity of an already very powerful and incisive piece with very successful grooves. The guitar and the electronic part are linked creating original sounds and interesting phrasing, giving a personal touch to the sound of the band and to the song in particular. After a section of effects only, they return to the initial theme and with massive riffs and a slowed down rhythm again the track closes. A distorted and hypnotic bass opens “Spasm” a powerful track with a dark atmosphere, where the band plays with sound loops and rocky riffs. The tempo changes are an added value with the rhythmic session in continuous evolution, while in the central part a softer moment surprises the listener. The band is able to restart with power and always propose mammoth riffs and synthetic backgrounds perfectly embedded in the sound. A track full of interesting changes and inserts, in the finale the initial loops return and the band closes the song. The disc ends with “When Your Bones Weren’t Meant To Be” which after an intro with synthetic sounds offers a tight bass line. With the entry of all the instruments the band returns to its sounds made up of mighty riffs, a bass that makes the whole body vibrate and a drum with a slow but sophisticated rhythm. Skilled in continuously changing and evolving the central theme of the song, the band offers engaging riffs here even if dark and the intertwining with the electronic part is an added value. The track closes the album with a flourish, with the intensity that increases with the flow of milk, accelerating the rhythm as well. A band that presents itself to the public Doom / Sludge in style, with a really punchy and powerful album, rock riffs and a massive rhythm session. The electronic component gives a personal and original touch to their sound, a touch different from the usual outputs of the genre. A listening recommended to all lovers of Doom and Sludge sounds, where the band in the four entirely instrumental tracks shows technique and ability to create powerful riffs. It will be interesting to listen to this group live, as well as how their sound will be developed in subsequent releases, a definitely positive album.


01. Mount Frequency (09:30)
02. Wax Rituals (06:42)
03. Spasm (08:02)
04. When Your Bones Weren’t Meant To Be (06:37)


Mathlovsky / Guitars
Gregory Simons / Drums
Maurice van der Es / Bass
Maxime Rouquart / Guitars
Simon Felix / Electronics

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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