[Review] Soul Secret – Blue Light Cage

Soul Secret is an Italian Progressive Metal band formed in 2004 as a cover band of their favorite artists and songs. Over time they started writing original material releasing 5 albums, the last of which was “Blue Light Cage.” Self-produced and released on October 23rd, 2020 this work contains 9 medium-long duration tracks available in the Digital version. The theme of the disc raises the question of whether people really live their lives directly or are spectators who observe events as if in front of a television. Focused on refined sounds and skilfully elaborated with technique and a wealth of details, it mixes various styles of Prog Metal and similar with technique and quality. A mature work, which from the very beginning highlights the individual technique of the artists involved placed at the service of a homogeneous and engaging group sound. We find references to the masters of the genre in groups such as Dream Theater above all, with a massive dose of keyboards and powerful guitar riffs. The rhythmic session is solid and elaborate, at times intricate, full of tempo changes which are one of the merits of this work with supporting bass lines. The structure of the songs, the melodies and the sound solutions developed by the band are refined and with a high technical coefficient, with incursions also in the djent. More melodic traits are intertwined with accelerations and harder openings, creating a mix with personal traits that tempts the listener to move forward in the discovery of the album. The length of the tracks is functional to the development of the themes of the tracks, giving space both to the vocal and to the long and valuable instrumental textures. Vocal that adapts well to the various situations of the album, not particularly incisive but still functional to the success of the sound. A listening recommended to all lovers of Progressive Metal sounds, which creates the right meeting point between classic and innovation. The choice of sounds certainly rewards the band that manages to give a modern and original touch while remaining within the confines of the origins of Prog Metal. A confirmation for the Italian band that over the years has shown that they have clear ideas and a good dose of technique to establish themselves in the current music scene as a guarantee of quality. The hope is that this pandemic period will soon end and that we will be able to savor this band live again, allowing them to take full advantage of their technical background even in front of their own public.


01.Opening Sequence03:00
02.The Ghost Syndicate05:27
03.A President’s Speech06:00
04.Switch On01:42
05.Blue Light Cage04:50
06.We’ll Become Dust07:22
07.Going Home05:45
08.Jump Right In07:00
09.Breathe And Recover13:00


Claudio CasaburiBass
Antonio MocerinoDrums
Luca Di GennaroKeyboards
Lino Di PietrantonioVocals
Francesco CavezzaGuitars

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