[New Releases] August 2023 new releases

August 01, 2023Jason Bieler And The Baron Von Bielski OrchestraPostcards From The AsylumHeavy Prog
August, 01, 2023StitionYX EPDoom
August 01, 2023Pazuzu’s Inverted ChurchYear Is OneStoner, Doom
August 01, 2023AerolithMegalorama Part IIInstrumental Progressive, Space Rock
August 01, 2023Djinn and MiskatonicPaleo EPDoom
August 01, 2023BubkaIIInstrumental Progressive Rock
August 01, 2023Saint OmenDeath Unto My EnemyDoom Metal/Rock
August 02, 2023VarkensstadAshes of the FallProgressive Metal
August 02, 2023Kysha i VetarQuetiapinDoom
August 03, 202Mule ThrowerReggie, Charlie & the Mexican Jesus EPDoom
August 03, 202DozethroneBurning High AgainDoom
August 03, 202DarkwaveThanatologyInstrumental Progressive Metal
August 03, 202Moose CultMoose CultDoom
August 04, 2023Tangled Thoughts of LeavingOscillating ForestInstrumental Experimental Progressive Rck, Post-Rock
August 04, 2023ThumosMusica Universalis EPProgressive Doom/Post-Metal
August 04, 2023Electric OrangegapInstrumental Progressive Rock, Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock
August 04, 2023White HatPsychedelic Ascension OrderPsychedelic Doom
August 04, 2023VoidclawTransmissions from a Neanderthal Space Age EPStoner, Doom
August 04, 2023The IdDisaster MovieNeo-Prog[REVIEW]
August 04, 2023Mead ThiefThe ChariotDoom
August 04, 2023Edward ReekersThe Liberty ProjectSymphonic Rock Opera
August 04, 2023Dun RingillWhere the Old Gods Play – Act 1Folk Doom
August 04, 2023Acid MagusHope Is HeavyPsychedelic Rock, Doom
August 04, 2023Dymna LotvaЗямля пад чорнымі крыламі: КроўDoom
August 04, 2023Sonic MoonReturn Without Any MemoryPsychedelic Doom Rock
August 05, 2023Mushroom ForagerAll of the Books About the Devil EPStoner, Doom
August 05, 2023Sophya Baccini’s AradiaRunnin’ With The WolvesSymphonic Prog
August 05, 2023Fantastic Flying FoelschHistoriesStoner, Doom
August 06, 2023DeadwellThe Filigree of ShadowsDoom
August 06, 2023Little TragediesDon QuixoteSymphonic Prog
August 06, 2023WalrusBlack Cat EPStoner, Doom
August 06, 2023SpirergyAeonProgressive Rock
August 06, 2023Coffin HagPrairie TyrantPsychedelic Rock, Stoner, Doom
August 07, 2023BreezeA Dream Within A DreamNeo Prog
August 08, 2023Tales of MikeLandscape of Sorrow EPDoom
August 09, 2023Golden SunbirdInner Landscapes // Outer Worlds EPPsychedelic Rock, Space Rock[REVIEW]
August 09, 2023LucifungusLucifungus 4Stoner, Doom
August 10, 2023Quiet ObserverPocket Size Universe EPInstrumental Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
August 10, 2023AsymmetryHypocrisy Chains EPProgressive Metal
August 10, 2023VarkensstadSomberheidProgressive Metal
August 10, 2023SlownerLeading to Nowhere EPStoner, Doom
August 11, 2023HeminaRomancing the EtherProgressive Metal[REVIEW]
August 11, 2023Cosmic LordRed PlanetStoner, Doom
August 11, 2023Neal MorseThe Dreamer – Joseph: Part OneProgressive Rock Opera
August 11, 2023Serpent ChurchEmbrace the Darkness EPStoner, Doom
August 11, 2023Ars de ErContrairesInstrumental Progressive Rock
August 11, 2023CunabulaThe Weight of SleepAtmospheric Progressive/Post-Metal
August 11, 2023The Mystical Hot Chocolate EndeavorsA Clock Without A CraftsmanHeavy Prog
August 12, 2023IsospinEchoes of Apocalypse EPProgressive Metal
August 12, 2023FatmasExternal Internal EternalDoom
August 12, 2023GhostwormDoomsday Cult EPStoner, Doom
August 12, 2023HexenghülHexenghül EPStoner, Doom
August 13, 2023Oíche FuarThe Winter Sessions EPMelodic Doom
August 13, 2023The Swan ChorusAchilles and the Difference EngineNeo Prog
August 13, 2023AnatobianThe Legend of AnatobiaStoner, Doom
August 14, 2023Tu-NerT1 – Contact InformationAvant-Garde/ Experimental, Progressive Rock
August 14, 2023The Lesser DeadThe Script of Life EPDoom
August 14, 2023Imaginary KingsSafer in ChainsInstrumental Progressive Rock
August 14, 2023GurthwormScoleciphobia EPStoner
August 14, 2023StoomEl mal realStoner, Doom
August 15, 2023This Is The GlasshouseAs Small As AntsArt Rock
August 15, 2023Ashley ReaksWinter CrawlsProgressive Rock
August 16, 2023MurasakiTimelessProgressive Metal
August 17, 2023Built for the Future2084​:​ HereticProgressive Rock
August 17, 2023QuantumnautCollapse EPProgressive Post-Metal
August 18, 2023TusmørkeHestehovenFolk Prog, Psychedelic Rock
August 18, 2023KypckПреступления против человечестваDoom
August 18, 2023Oblivion ProtocolThe Fall Of The ShiresProgressive Rock, Progressive Metal
August 18, 2023Bees Made Honey in the Vein TreeAionPsychedelic Rock, Doom
August 18, 2023MaterialeyesInside OutProgressive Rock
August 18, 2023Damnation PlanThe New HorizonProgressive Metal
August 18, 2023GodthrymmDistortionsDoom
August 18, 2023Retreat From MoscowDreams, Myths and MachinesNeo Prog
August 18, 2023BorrachoBlurring the Lines of RealityStoner Rock
August 18, 2023ResistorIlluminatorProgressive Rock
August 18, 2023DevilsomeDevilsome EPDoom
August 18, 2023TryoSuraméricaProgressive Rock
August 18, 2023Samuel KeenMetamorphosisDoom
August 18, 2023McCully/MackayGarden Of The SnakeProgressive Rock
August 18, 2023ShingenWrought EPDoom
August 18, 2023Fall of the AlbatrossRiteInstrumental Progressive Math Metal
August 18, 2023Ilari HannulaZenstation Tales From The CloudInstrumental Progressive Rock[REVIEW]
August 19, 2023SplinkMagnifique EccentriqueInstrumental Progressive Rock
August 19, 2023BastardoBastardoStoner
August 20, 2023VarkensstadAbstract MythosProgressive Metal
August 20, 2023AshbreatherPrimordial Bong Soup EPProgressive Metal
August 20, 2023KallonMomentProgressive Post-Metal[REVIEW]
August 22, 2023RexxarCrimson ThroneStoner, Doom
August 23, 2023Morpheus Project by Mustafa KhettyOn the EdgeProgressive Rock
August 23, 2023TRYOSuram​é​ricaProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
August 23, 2023MykosterionThe Last HierophantDoom
August 25, 2023Il Bacio della MedusaImillaRock Progressivo Italiano
August 25, 2023Ed ZeroIntrospection / RetrospectionProgressive Rock
August 25, 2023Course of FateSomniumProgressive Metal
August 25, 2023KalliasFirst AscentProgressive Metal
August 25, 2023Acid RoosterFlowers & Dead SoulsInstrumental Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock
August 25, 2023NoveriaThe Gates of the UnderworldProgressive Metal
August 25, 2023XFEARSReasons For ChangeProgressive Metal
August 25, 2023XFearsReasons for ChangeProgressive Metal
August 25, 2023The Death WheelersChaos and the Art of Motorcycle MadnessStoner, Doom
August 25, 2023ProkenDividing TimesProgressive Rock
August 25, 2023Moon CovenSun KingPsychedelic Rock, Stoner, Doom
August 25, 2023BottomlessThe BanishingDoom
August 25, 2023Beware of GodsHistory Eats Itself EPProgressive/Post-Metal
August 25, 2023Eyes of the OakThe Stone Vortex EPStoner, Doom
August 25, 2023Lars Eric MattssonEvolutionProgressive Metal/Shred, Hard Rock
August 25, 2023Dragon SundayIIDoom
August 25, 2023Madame FrankensteinDoomStoner, Doom
August 25, 2023Requiem AeternamInstrumetal IExtreme Progressive Metal
August 25, 2023The Salt Pale CollectiveA Body That Could Pass Through Stones and TreesDoom, Post-Metal
August 26, 2023Vladimir MikhaylovAmor CaecusProgressive Rock
August 26, 2023Goat MonsoonLiving Hell EPStoner
August 26, 2023The Lumbar EndeavorLhermitte EPStoner, Doom
August 27, 2023Steve BelloAct NaturalProgressive Metal
August 27, 2023LedmotivAn Astronaut’s DiarySymphonic Progressive Metal
August 30, 2023VitralOs LoucosSymphonic Prog
August 30, 2023Geof Whitely ProjectSlaves to the MagicProgressive Rock
August 30, 2023Karmic JuggernautPhantasmagloriaProgressive Rock

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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