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Manuel Cardoso is the founder of the Prog Rock band Tantra, as well as having released some albums with the moniker Frodo and having collaborated with various Rock projects and created his new group Artnat. His new solo album “Delirium” was released on March 25, 2022 and contains 10 tracks featuring several artists from the Portuguese scene. The opener “Sea maiden” which begins with the orchestrations and then develops with deep bass lines and a vocal in Portuguese, while the rhythmic session is enriched by continuous tempo changes. The keyboards are at the center of the project and duet well with the guitar offering solo inserts in the second part, characterized by a long instrumental section. An intertwining between guitar and synth begins “The Clown” made up of elaborate textures and a very intense and expressive spoken vocal, on an intricate rhythmic session. A track that reflects the tradition of ’70s Prog with the most modern traits of the genre, good instrumental openings give ample breath to the sound with good guitar and synth solo inserts. The following “The Pain” follows the Prog sounds of the late ’70s, with a good mix of guitar and synth and a choral vocal. A mix of retro sounds mixed with the early Neo Prog with a long instrumental section that enhances the technique of the musicians involved. One of the longest tracks of the album “Cantata (of love and death)” follows the sound of the previous one, proposing a Prog permeated by synth sounds and guitar solo inserts. With an almost Fusion touch that characterizes the sonorities and symphonic openings with pompous orchestral backgrounds. “Heaven” features an orchestral intro that evolves into an intricate texture of accelerated rhythms and very well modulated, Fusion-style synth inserts. The union of these two genres is positively determining the developments of the last tracks, allowing as in this case the artists to develop long instrumental plots with sophisticated and technical solos. “Commitment to Love” is a short interlude of classic acoustic guitar that creates a delicate and dreamy atmosphere. The sax and a spoken vocal open “Lord of Doom” which develops with an energetic rhythmic session and intertwining of guitar and keyboard. The sax offers a prolonged solo followed by the guitar, continuing to pleasantly duet until the end of the song. The title track “Delirium” opens with a good dreamy background of keyboard orchestrations, and then develops a very technical interweaving that sees the guitar as the protagonist. The rhythmic session is constantly evolving, enriched by tempo changes and a killer bass-line. An entirely instrumental track characterized by a succession of solos and a short choral insert in the finale. “Salutation” begins with a long classical intro with orchestration, pompous and elaborate, and then in the middle of the song the rhythm session enters. A track that combines guitar and keyboard intertwining to the choral vocal, with intense solo parts and the atmosphere that remains pompous, almost epic. The album closes with “Nostalgia” a conclusion that shows the more experimental side of the artist’s sound, mixing it with personal traits and a touch of Fusion. The plots are intricate enrich the piece with refined and refined intertwining between the instruments that result in lughe solo plots. An album that mixes various styles of Progressive Rock, from those of the retro style of the late 70s with rich synth textures to those of Neo Prog with personal traits. The long instrumental sections allow the development of solo plots that enhance the individual technique of the artists involved, sometimes resulting in the fusion of the 70s matrix. A listening recommended for lovers of the more intricate sounds of Prog, the artist is able to mix the sounds of the late ’70s with a touch of Fusion and his own personal traits, and forays into Neo prog.


1. Sea maiden (05:25)
2. The Clown (04:55)
3. The Pain (04:22)
4. Cantata (of love and death) (06:37)
5. Heaven (07:39)
6. Commitment to Love (01:22)
7. Lord of Doom (03:30)
8. Delirium (06:17)
9. Salutation (05:31)
10. Nostalgia (05:02)


Manuel Cardoso / All Guitars and Bass
Emilio Robalso / All Keyboards in Sea Maiden and The Clown
Gui/Carlos Nascimineto / Sax in Lord Of Doom
Paulo Bretao / Bass in The Clown
Joao Samora / All Drums except Nostalgia
Joao Pascoal / Bass in Cantata – Heaven & The Pain
Lucio Vieira / Bass in Sea Maiden – Nostalgia – Lord Of Doom – Salutation

Musicians in the original recordings:
Manuel Cardoso
/ All Lead Guitars, Vocals and lyrics, Organ solo in The Pain
Bebe / Drums in Nostalgia
Bruno Silva / Rhythm Guitars
Pedro Sales / All Keyboards solos
Luis André / Keyboards in Delirium
Pedro Luis / Ac. Piano in Nostalgia
Guis da Luz / All Analog Synth effects
Jose Fernando / Choir Vocals in Delirium – Salutation
Lu / Vocals in The Pain

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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