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Nephila is a young Swedish band that offers a sound that has its roots in the Space Rock of the 70s, with Psychedelic atmospheres. This masked band combines solid grooves with scratchy lead guitar inserts, male and female singing, exploring Psych/Space sounds in 360 degrees. Their debut album “Nephila” was released on June 4, 2021 via The Sign Records and contains 7 medium length tracks and a long track in the finale. The “White Bones” opener immediately presents a solid drum groove, intertwining massive riffs and organ and a warm and expressive female vocal. References to the ’70s are clear but the band is adept at customizing their sound, enriched by tempo changes and captivating melodies. An engaging track that immediately immerses us in the sound of the disc, between valuable instrumental sections and a vocal that highlights the vocal skills of the singer. “Who Are You” begins with a marching-style rhythm, a powerful interweaving of guitar and organ riffs with heavy bass lines that make the body vibrate. The vocal is dynamic and adapts well to the various situations of the piece, always very incisive and versatile. Tempo changes are an added value of this track, which offers the classic 70s sounds in a fresh and modern key. The second part begins with a darker atmosphere, and then in the final return to the initial theme and close this beautiful piece. A softer atmosphere introduces us to “Mushroom Creatures,” a track that makes us travel with the mind, which thanks to continuous changes lulls us for over 3 minutes. Accelerated and softer moments, this piece is full of intensity and technique with an acid and scratchy solo in the central part, and then closes with the last vocal section. “Belladonna” was also offered as a single with video and opens with a more delicate and dreamy mood, a soft rhythm to increase the intensity with the passing of the minutes. The chorus is powerful with a vocal rehearsal throughout the high-level song, as well as the mixes between guitar and keyboards that gently guide us. Another valuable solo in the second part with sharp sounds, the track closes in crescendo with the splendid voice of the singer. “Guidance to Agony” begins with a powerful guitar riff and a massive 70’s style rhythm session with heavier features than the previous ones. An elaborate track, full of intricate passages and valuable phrasing, in constant change with the instrumental section that accelerates and offers us one of the most interesting passages of the disc. The quality expressed in this track is great, as well as the power of the song that made me jump up from my chair. A tight rhythm and hard riffs of organ and guitar characterize “Clavata” which confirms how this band manages to give life to a sound that is always very engaging and intense. The guitar guides the melodies, with the organ reminiscent of Jon Lord’s style is another added value, another successful passage of this album, with a strong sonic impact. The album closes with the longest track “Alla Galaxers Centrum” with over 9 minutes of music, which starts with a soft guitar arpeggio and a deep bass. The soulful vocal adds a delicate touch in this first phase of the song, which increases more and more in intensity with the passing of the minutes. At 3 minutes a hard guitar riff breaks out and begins a ride that will take us through the various aspects of the band’s sound. We pass through a rhythmic crescendo session, refined organ textures that intertwine with the riffs of the electric guitar, the vocal that is stratified adding incisiveness to the sound. We therefore arrive at the instrumental section where the band offers a short but pleasant guitar solo, which after the last vocal verse returns to the finale closing the song in crescendo. Congratulations to this band for letting me breathe the pleasant atmosphere of the 70s in 2021, with that original, fresh and personal touch that really impressed me. An album that absolutely deserves to be listened to by lovers of Rock sounds, containing within it powerful guitar riffs, excellent organ textures, a solid rhythm session and a high level vocal. Warm and expressive, aggressive when the singer’s voice is needed, she is a strength and confidence for the band, skilled in mixing clear ideas and an incisive and no-frills sound that involves us and guides us in this pleasant journey into quality Rock.


01. White Bones (03:34)
02. Who Are You (05:38)
03. Mushroom Creatures (03:47)
04. Belladonna (04:28)
05. Guidance to Agony (05:20)
06. Clavata (03:21)
07. Alla Galaxers Centrum (09:37)


Stina Olsson / Singer
Josephine Asker / Singer
Johan Lööf / Drums
David Press / Bass
Jacob Hellenrud / Guitar
Anton Athley / Guitar
Johan Larsson / Organ

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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