[New Releases] January 2020 Prog Rock new releases

January 01, 2020¬†Julien Beugin “Imaginary Vol. 1” (Instrumental Symphonic)
January 01, 2020¬†Soniq Theater “Fortune Tunes” (Instrumental Progressive Rock, Electronica)
January 01, 2020¬†Ekos “Instinto” (Progressive Rock) [REVIEW]
January¬†01, 2020¬†Tombstone Eyes “Land In The Sky” (Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Stoner) [REVIEW]
January¬†01, 2020¬†Bryan Macdonald “The Gates To Sumer” (Progressive Rock)
January¬†02, 2020¬†Seconds Before Landing “Cosmonaut” (Progressive Rock)
January 03, 2020¬†Tyler Kamen “Voyage Through The Intermediate State” (Progressive Rock)
January 03, 2020¬†Karfagen “Birds of Passage” (Symphonic) [REVIEW]
January 04, 2020¬†Stefan Haasbroek “Spheres of Influence” (Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal)
January 07, 2020 Wonder Is Gheen Wonder “Wonder Is Gheen Wonder” (Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock) [REVIEW]
January 10, 2020¬†Universal Sigh “Cherish” (Fusion, Funk,¬†Progressive Rock)
January 12, 2020¬†Beirah “Comuni√≥n” (Instrumental¬†Progressive Rock)
January 12, 2020¬†Childwood “Opalessence” (Fusion,¬†Progressive Rock)
January 13, 2020¬†Elysian Fields “Revelation” (Progressive Rock)
January 13, 2020¬†M-Opus “Origins” (Progressive Rock)
January 13, 2020¬†Moon Halo “Chroma”¬†(Progressive Rock)
January 14, 2020¬†bArtMan “The Way Out” (Progressive Rock)
January 15, 2020¬†Between The Witches “Dark Circles” (Instrumental¬†Progressive Rock)
January 15, 2020¬†Adrian TńÉbńÉcaru “Lucifer – A Rock Opera” (Symphonic Prog Rock Opera)
January 15, 2020 Cin√©tiqua “Moonrise On Ayaros” (Jazz Prog, Progressive Rock) [REVIEW]
January 15, 2020¬†Anno Mundi “Land of Legends” (Retro Prog, Hard Rock) [REVIEW]
January 15, 2020¬†Mythology “The Castle of Crossed Destinies” (Retro Prog)
January 17, 2020 White Chameleon “Beyond the Gate of Tannhauser” (Progressive Rock)
January 17, 2020¬†Marsyas “Emergence”¬†(Progressive Rock) [REVIEW]
January 17, 2020¬†Jus Primae Noctis “Istinto” (Symphonic Prog)¬†
January 17, 2020¬†Cody Carpenter “Control” (Instrumental Progressive Rock)
January 17, 2020¬†David Cross & Peter Banks “Crossover” (Instrumental Progressive Rock)
January 17, 2020¬†Different Light “Binary suns part 1 – Operant condition”¬†(Progressive Rock)¬†
January 18, 2020 Radien “From Marvel To Melancholia EP” (Progressive Rock) [REVIEW]
January 20, 2020¬†Antena White Opera “Ouroboros” (Progressive Rock/Metal)
January 24, 2020 Sunhillow “Eloise Borealis” (Folk Prog)¬†
January 24, 2020¬†Nektar “The Other Side”¬†(Progressive Rock) [REVIEW]
January 25, 2020¬†ZIO “Flower Torania”¬†(Progressive Rock) [REVIEW]
January 25, 2020¬†Marco Bernard & Kimmo P√∂rsti “Gulliver” (Progressive Rock) [REVIEW]
January 30, 2020¬†Final Conflict “Rise Of The Artisan” (Progressive Rock)
January 31, 2020¬†Benway Soma “Shades On Empty Beaches” (Progressive Rock)
January 31, 2020¬†Thematic “Skyrunner” (Progressive Alternative Rock/Metal)
January 31, 2020¬†Yuri Gagarin “The Outskirts Of Reality” (Instrumental Space Rock)

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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